Is creating a handmade life more complicated than you first thought it would be?

Do you start your day with so much you are trying to achieve but at the end of the day you’ve hardly got anything done?

Most of us start our handmade businesses with no experience to know what we need to do to craft the life we want.

And learning a new skill can feel daunting but living a handmade life requires commitment, tenacity and a willingness to dig in your boots to the ground to do whatever it takes.

The Create a Handmade Academy specializes in teaching the art of creating a handmade life with courses that help you grow your business or learning a new craft such as pyrography, crochet or making jewelry and other crafts in a fun environment that encourages creativity and discovery.

Whether you are looking to learn a new hobby, or craft your very own handmade business, this is the place to start.